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Space-saving ideas interior designers love

by Sally Webster 09/05/2023

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No matter the size of your home, you can never have too many space-saving ideas. Whether you want to add extra storage space, free up your wall space or simply make a room seem larger, there are plenty of clever solutions to help.

Choose a corner sofa

Take advantage of your small room with a corner, chaise or L-shaped sofa. The right shape of couch can double the living space in a small room, or provide a room divider in an open floor plan.

Sofas designed low to the floor will also make your room appear larger while taking up the same amount of floor space as taller furniture.

Maximize space with nesting tables

Nest tables are an ideal fit in smaller areas. They're ready for your food, drink, phone and whatever else when needed, but easy to stow away underneath each other. When choosing nesting tables, it's beneficial to opt for taller, narrower designs. These provides more functionality and more space-saving in any size of room.

Create the illusion of space

One of the best designer secrets for saving space is to add a mirror or other reflective surfaces. Mirrors reflect the ambient light and brighten the space, adding square footage with the power of illusion.

For a trendy approach, try stacking mirrors or using a collection of small mirrors instead of art for a gallery wall.

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Are you ready to get started making extra space with smart decorating choices? Keep these ideas in mind for your next home makeover.

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